USA Volleyball Academy: How to Access Officiating Clinics (Players & Coaches)

All Junior Players & Coaches need to complete online officiating courses every season.  For players, these courses need to be completed before they compete in their first tournament. For coaches, they should be completed at least two weeks before their first tournament (so that there is enough time to receive their coaching credential in the mail).  The clinics can be found in the USA Volleyball Academy which is accessed through the SportsEngine account that the membership was purchased in.

The link below will provide you instructions on how to access the clinics. If you do not see the clinics in “my courses” please check your “in progress” section! It may show 33% or 67% complete even if the clinics haven’t been started for this year yet.

The REQUIRED clinic for coaches is HA24_701 JR Coach Officiating Clinic.  The REQUIRED clinic for players (dependent on age) is either HA24_651 JR (15-18) Officiating Lessons – R1, R2, SC, LT, LJ) or HA24_641 JR (08-14) Officiating Clinic – R2, SC, LT, LJ).

Instructional Video:  How-to-Access-the-USAV-Academy

Step-By-Step Instruction: Step by step instructions on how to access the academy


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