2022-23 Certified (Career) Officials Information

(REVISED 01/09/2023 17:00)
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This page contains all the information needed for Certified (Career) Officials

Referee Match Fees
$40.00/match -----  National/Junior National
$36.00/match -----  Regional
$32.00/match -----  Provisional
$30.00/match -----  In-Region Only
$25.00/match -----  Jr Ref w/Supervision U18 (Select/Combined only)

Administrative Fees
$300.00/day ------  Head Official
$200.00/day ------  Head Referee Trainee
+2 Match Fees ---  Lead Official
$200.00/day ------ 
Day Official/WeR1
$250.00/day ------  Supervisor Official for Junior Officials
$175.00/day ------  Trainer

Pre-National Rating Tournament Rates
$30.00/match -----  Match Fee (for all ranks)
$175.00/day -------  Trainer/Rater/Observer
$250.00/day -------  Assigner Coordinator

Per Diem
Per Diem has been included in the match fees rather than paid as a lump sum.

Travel and Lodging
Officials that travel further than 65 miles:
*----- Receive a $50 travel stipend
*----- Are eligible for an HOA complimentary double-occupancy hotel room.

Registration is Open for Heart of America Certified Officials
All HOA Officials need to purchase this membership even already registered.
All previous paid fees are prorated into this membership.
Example: If you have purchased a coach membership, this membership is free.

Go here 22-23 HOA-OC Adult Official - Background Screen & SafeSport Required to register.

Make sure you are purchasing the 22-23 HOA-OC membership for yourself.
If you are unaffiliated you can use "Officials" as your Club for the Backlground

After registering you may complete your Safesport training.
The core takes approx. 2 hours to complete.
HOA has been informed that Safesport will be doing some form of system reset on Oct 18, 2022.
If you have not complete the training, you will be required to start over.
All progress will be lost.

Option 1. Complete your Safesport Training by October 17, 2022
Option 2. Do not start Safesport Training until after October 19, 2022

HOAonline Official's Event Requests
Once your information has been loaded into HOAonline you may access the the request system.
Please submit requests as soon as possible, we do our best to accommodate everyone.

We are waiting for USAV National to publish the new modules for adult officials.
Once we have those, we will be building clinics for all officials.
Thank you for your patience.

Ric Washburn
HOA Officials Chair