Beach National Qualifier


MANHATTAN BEACH TO HOST USA NATIONAL BEACH TOUR CHAMPIONSHIPS: The 2020 USA National Beach Tour Championships has selected , as host for the juniors’ event set for July . The tournament expects to feature over 400 boys’ and girls’ teams from across the country ranging in age from 10-18.


HOA Beach National Qualifier will be Saturday June 20 – Sunday June 21.
This is a two day tournament. All teams will play both days.

Where: All matches will be played at Volleyball Beach, 13105 Holmes Rd, Kansas City, MO 64145

Bids: In the 4 girls divisions, we will have 4 bids available. There is no trickle down process. Bids will be awarded to the top 4 finishing teams. In the boys divisions we have 1 bid for 16’s and 18’s and 1 bid for the 14’s division.

Check In: Doors to Volleyball Beach and Centerline will open up at 7:30 am for check in. Play will start at 8:00 am on both days for most divisions. Some divisions may have an afternoon wave (1 pm start time).

Uniforms requiredments:
Uniforms are not required. However, matching color bottoms and tops are encouraged.
“All athletes are REQUIRED to wear a top, for girls it must cover your midsection when standing, and bottoms such as spandex, shorts or leggings. No bikinis will be permitted for any team. Boys must wear tank tops or t-shirts that cover their midsection when standing and bottoms such as swim trunks, surf shorts, or volleyball shorts. No brief type swim trunks”

Awards: Medals will be given out to all 1st through 3rd place finishers in the Gold bracket. There will be no awards for Silver or Bronze brackets.

Coaches: All Coaches have to notify the HOA office by email, no later than Friday at 11:59 am.
All coaches will need to check in. Coaches need to be registered members of a region of USA Volleyball, with a current background screen and IMPACT certification. Coaches also need to know the very restrictive beach volleyball rules on coaching. All registered coaches will need to check in to receive a wristband that will allow them to approach the courts.

Spectators: All spectators will be limited to the deck area and behind the fences at volleyball beach. Spectators will not be allowed around the courts.

Tents: Spectators will be allowed to bring tents, but the only area that tents can be set up is on the court North of the deck at Volleyball Beach. We will not be using that court for competition. No tents are to be set up on the deck area.

Formats for each division: All match times are estimates. Warm ups for the next match start as soon as the court is available. We estimate about 45 minutes per match, but some matches will go quicker than that.

Girls U12:

Girls U14:

Girls U16:

Girls U18:

Boys 16 & 18:

Boys 14’s Division:

All matches played in the tournament will be best 2 out of 3 sets unless otherwise noted.

Weather: It is going to be hot, so be prepared. Bring (sand)socks and plenty of sunscreen.

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HOA Beach National Qualifier will be Sunday June

Where: Centerline (Blue Springs, MO)

Who: Girls & Boys 12’s, 14’s 16’s and 18’s

Cost: $50 for the team

Deadline to register is Wednesday, June