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No Meeting on Friday Night!

Once again the officials rose to occasion to give the teams another great tournament.
Even with the unforeseen communications problems with score sheets
You were patient and understanding and the teams loved your performance.
Many great compliments were received from teams and parents.

There are no words to express our gratitude and appreciation.
Thank you so much for being here and working our event.

Please confirm your certification level, your match count, travel allowance.
Please let me know if you find any discrepancies by 7:00pm 01/22/23 Sunday.
Let me know date/time/ct where we disagree.
Send discrepancies to ha.mlk-refinfo@hoavb.org
Payroll will be processed in Arbiter on 01/31 or 02/01.

PaySheet 01/19/23 17:15

To assist your calculations here are the final Alpha List and Grids.

23MLK Final Alpha 01/18/23 19:00

23MLK Final Grid 01/18/23 19:00

1-64 --- Bartle Hall
65-68 - Municipal Auditorium Bartle Hall
69-72  - X-Hall Bartle Hall
Balls and Scoresheets in each Hall - Proceed Directly to Your Hall
If you have not checked in go to Bartle main desk first - Allow extra time.
Need to be at your championship desk for scoresheets early.


Monday 01/16 Alpha 01/15/23 23:00

Monday 01/16 Grid List 01/13/23 23:00


Sunday 01/15 Alpha 01/15/23 23:00

Sunday 01/15 Grid List 01/13/23 23:00

Saturday (sorry for delay - lost a referee)

Saturday 01/14 Alpha List 01/13/23 23:15

Saturday 01/14 Grid List 01/13/23 23:45

Thank you all for being here and making Saturday a great day.
It was fantastic.  We truly appreciate you being here and making this event such a success.

Our official's mission statement in HOA is IMPROVE!!!
No matter how good we become we can always IMPROVE!!!
Remember, we are all one team with the same purpose and goal.
Here are some observations from your head officials on Saturday.

  • Credentials
    1. Verify credentials every match. We observed many courts with uncredentialed adults on the bench.
    2. Remember a credential is either a laminated  card visibly worn or a wrist band visibly worn.
    3. Please don't be those referees, when teams say "We haven't been checked all day".
  • Schedules
    1. Please read twice.  Use buddy system to verify each other's schedules.
    2. Time management, please keep matches moving smoothly.
    3. If your match is running late and you might miss your next match, let head referees or Brad/Ric know.
  • Score sheets
    1. Please make sure that you have the correct score sheet, verify time/court before leaving the championship desk.
    2. If you pick up your score sheet, you should proceed directly to the court.
    3. The match format is printed on the schedules and is accurate.  Please review.
    BOYS have 2 pools. One is best of 3 and one is 2 sets only. Information is on the wall.
    4. Have scorer print all official's names on the score sheet.
    5. Please verify the results of your match. Circles around final points, make sure winner/loser is correct and recorded properly in the results area.
  • Uniforms
    1. Any doubt concerning the legality of the uniforms, must be reported to Championship (Especially the 18 Qualifiers)
    2. If you cannot get a head referee, use text to let Brad 417.380.8292 and Ric 573.230.8694 know.
  • Game Balls
    1. Make sure you have the right ball for your court.
    2. Please check ball pressure when you get to your court. Several balls were under 2 PSI
    3. Do not leave ball unattended. If you finish early, take it to Championship desk.
    4. After last match, bring game ball back to Championship
  • Step-In Line only for 11s. NO STEP-IN LINE FOR 12s!

HOA Fan Behavior Policy

Fan Behavior Delays are distinct and separate from Administrative Delays

This policy applies only to Club and Boys Divisions
Girls 18s will have an arbitrator available to address behavioral isssues

Paper Copies Available at Championship Desk

2023 MLK Referee Procedures

Please read carefully.
New this year - we have opened AES for officials to enter scores.
This is not mandatory. If you do not enter scores, you must return scoresheets to Championship Immediately

Saturday: Gray/White Certified Officials Shirt
Sunday: White Certified Officials Shirt
Monday Club: Blue MLK T or Blue/White Certified Officials Shirt

HOA use Arbiter and ArbiterPay to pay Officials

If you are not a member of the HOA group you must provide your Arbiter UserID to HOA
To be paid you must meet 3 criteria
1. Be in the HOA group
2. Must have "Ready to Assigned" box checked on your MAIN page
3. You must be ACTIVE

Best of 3 sets
$30.00 - IRO
$32.00 - Provisional
$36.00 - Regional
$40.00 - All National Levels/Retired

Auto 3 sets
$45.00 - IRO
$48.00 - Provisional
$54.00 - Regional
$60.00 - All National Levels/Retired

Single sets
$15.00 - IRO
$16.00 - Provisional/IRO/IRC
$18.20 - Regional
$20.00 - All National Levels/Retired

This is the list of initial conflicts
Please take a moment to review accuracy
If you discover errors please contact Ric ha.officials.chair@hoavb.org
with your full name and the errors
Please email Ric ha.officials.chair@hoavb.org Subject:Conflicts Issue by 2:00PM on Thursday so we can begin scheduling


Will be at Championship until 21:00 /1/13/2023

HOA is providing limited parking on the South Dock (Broadway and 16th) with HOA parking passes.
Also a parking area under the South Dock may or may not be open.

Several important considerations:
Remote Hotels and Commuters will have first priority.
1. Do not harass the attendant if you don't have a pass.
2. Please make every effort to carpool as space is limited.
3. People in the hotels nearby can use cheaper auditorium parking if we do not have enough space.
4. Monday parking will be the same since trucks will not be coming until Tuesday.

1 .If you arrive early on Friday, stop by Championship desk and pick one up.

2. Email ha.mlk-refinfo@hoavb.org (use Parking Pass as subject) and request a pass if you are not planning on coming to the convention center of Friday. Email was incorrect (Sorry, Sorry again). Ric/Brad will email you a temporary pass, print it and use it to gain access to parking. Come to championship to get your actual colored pass.  Go back to vehicle and exchange passes and destroy the old one. Please allow sufficient time to make exchange and get to your court.