KC Martin Luther King Day Tournament

Kansas City MLK tournament Cancellation

Dear Volleyball Player/Coach/Team Rep

We are living in a time where things can change from day to day.

In a reversal from last week’s approval from the Kansas City Health department, we received notice today, that our waiver to host the Kansas City MLK event has been revoked. We will not be allowed to operate the event and have to cancel it altogether.

We will start issuing full refunds later this week.

Most checks that were mailed to us, to pay for entries, have not been cashed. We will notify you if we are destroying your check, or need to mail a refund.

Team Travel Source has been notified and will arrange for all the hotel cancellations. Please do not contact the hotels. TTS will take care of it.

The 18’squalifier divisions will probably be added to the ASICS Show Me National Qualifier, April 3-5. Hopefully by then the situation has improved enough to be able to play. Once that is confirmed, USAV will start taking registrations for those divisions.

We hope to see you all in the future again in Kansas City for this fun event. We appreciate all your efforts to try to give the kids a chance to play volleyball.

HOA Staff

Due to the pandemic, we expect that we can handle no more than 250 teams total this year. That may change for better or worse as we get closer to the event. Teams that are accepted into the event may not be able to play if we have to lower our capacity. We will keep waitlists for each division. Teams are accepted once payment is received and we have hotel confirmations.

With the lower numbers of teams that we can accommodate, we expect that the event will loose money. We do still not intend to charge an admission fee, but have to cut some expenses. For one, we will not run a shuttle between the 2 sites (Convention Center and HyVee Arena). Teams will have to arrange for their own transportation to get to either site.

At this point we think it will be likely that the playoffs for the 18’s divisions on Monday will be played at the HyVee arena. All other playoffs will be played as much as possible in waves and teams have to be prepared to possibly play 3 matches in a row during playoffs. That way we can better control the number of people in the convention center.

We plan on allowing access to 25 people per team total. That includes all players, coaches and parents. We will have some ticketing system ready in January to control access. BallerTV will broadcast all matches. If occupancy requirements change, we may not allow any audience.

At this point, everybody will need to wear masks while in the facility, except for players, when on the court during competition. That may change and teams should be prepared to play while wearing masks.

The (nowadays) standards will be in place: temperature checks upon entry, hand sanitizers etc.

All of these are based on the conditions late October. We may have to change things as we get closer.


Schedules: Will be posted on Monday or Tuesday before the event on AES

Dates: January 16, 17 & 18, 2021

Playing Site: Matches will be played at Bartle Hall, the Kansas City Convention Center, the Exhibition hall and Municipal Arena. These venues are in the same complex. We will also have courts at the Hy-Vee Arena, which is about 1.5 mile from the Convention Center. A shuttle will run between the Convention Center and the Hy-Vee Arena from 6 am till 11 pm. The shuttle is intended for teams that are staying in downtown hotels and do not have transportation to the Arena. If you are scheduled to play at the HyVee arena for the day, please park by the Arena. There is a big parking lot in front of the Arena that is owned by the City (there probably will be a charge for parking).

Courts 1 through 23 are in Bartle Hall, Courts 24 through 30 are in Municipal Arena and the X-hall, Courts 31 through 42 are at HyVee Arena.

Court Layout and Facilities.

Admission: There is no admission charge for this event for spectators.

Live Streaming: All competition will be live streamed by baller TV. Click on the link to go to BallertTV

Host: Heart of America Volleyball — 548 S. Coy Street, Kansas City, KS 66105, (913) 233-0445, info@hoavb.org

National Qualifier: This event is a National Qualifier for the 18 Open, USA and American divisions.
Click here to download the 18’s Junior National Championships Manual. For the 18 Open divisions up to 2 bids may be available, for the USA division, up to 3 bids may be available (depending on numbers of registered teams in each division). For 18 American there will be one bid available.

Divisions: Girls – 18 Open, 18 USA, 18 American, 17 Club, 16 Club, 15 Club, 14 Club, 13 Club, 12 Club.

Waves: AM Wave (8 am till 2:30 pm):
PM Wave (2:30 pm till about 10 pm):

Blood Drive: We will host our annual blood drive again during the Kansas City MLK event. If you are watching your daughter play and have a break, consider giving blood for the good cause. The blood drive will be set up right by the Championship desk off hall D in Bartle hall.

Recruiting Combine: In conjunction with this tournament, NCSA & Championship Combines will run a Recruiting Combine on Friday, January 15. Click here to register for the Combine.

Exhibition: Come check out our exhibition on the life and influence of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr that will be displayed at the tournament site. Leave your message with your wish for the future on the poster board.

College Coaches: Click here to see the list of colleges signed up for 2020

Format: All Divisions: Pools of 4 teams on Saturday (if numbers allow). Re-pool on Sunday. All teams will advance to single elimination playoffs on Monday.

Officials: We cover all matches with a paid first official. Teams will need to cover the rest of the officiating duties.

Entry Fee: $790 per team for the national qualifier divisions, 18 Open, 18 USA  and 18 American.
$590 per team for all other divisions (Must accompany Entry Form) Entry Deadline: Thursday, December 17, 2020, as long as space is available.

How To Enter: There is a 4-step registration process for this event:

1. Enter your registration in AES and print out the registration form. Mail entry form and entry fee to the HOA office.  AES will open up registration on October 1.
2. Make hotel reservations through TTS (Click Here) *Hotel link will be available Oct. 1, 2020.
3. Complete your team registration and get approval for competition from your region
4. Update your roster in AES


Hotel Reservations: All hotel reservations need to be made through Team Travel Source. Hotel reservation will open up on October 1. Click on this link to start your hotel reservation.

Tournament Withdrawal: Up till November 15: Accepted teams who submit a withdrawal in writing to the HOA office will receive a refund of $450. Between November 16 and December 31, accepted teams who submit a withdrawal in writing to the HOA office will received a refund of $250. After December 31, no refunds will be given to teams withdrawing from the event.

Teams with Age Waivers: Teams with players that have an age waiver from their region can request special permission and instructions to enter into the Club divisions. Send an email to info@hoavb.org to request to participate with a team with age waived players.

Event Sponsors: Molten USA

Tournament Ball: This event will use the Molten Supertouch ball for all 13 and over competition. The 12’s division will play with the Molten VBU12.

Awards: There will be individual awards to champions and second place and both third place teams in each Gold division, Silver will receive 1st and 2nd place awards.

Music: No outside music sources are allowed at this event. Do NOT bring in boom boxes, speakers etc. If everybody plays their own music at the courts, it becomes an incredible amount of noise in the facility, which is a distraction for the teams playing.
Also not allowed in the facilities are hover boards and drones.

Playing Schedule: Will be available on AES

Rules & Regulations: USAV playing rules for the 2019-2021 season will be in effect. Most matches will be best two out of 3 sets. Some alternate match formats may be used to accommodate for smaller divisions or for 3 or 5 team pools, if necessary.

Officiating: All competing teams will be assigned to officiate in the tournament. R1’s will be provided. Teams MUST provide certified R2’s, scorers, Libero trackers, scoreboard operators and 2 lines-persons.

Failure to fulfill officiating assignments will result in the loss of 1 point per minute in their next match

Sanction: The tournament is hosted and sanctioned by the Heart of America Region – USA Volleyball. All teams and players must be registered with USAV. Team and player registration numbers MUST appear on the Entry Form or the entry will be rejected. Teams using illegal players will forfeit all matches and be disqualified from the tournament and the case turned over to the appropriate Regional Commissioner for further action.