Regional Championships updates and changes

At this point, we have to assume that we will not be able to use the Sports Pavilion in Lawrence in the month of March. As we had booked the facility for all 4 weekends, this creates quite some challenges to make all the regional championship events happening and accommodate most of the teams.

Therefore, we have to move several divisions around, we have moved some divisions to Wichita and we have to get creative with formatting.

The Premier divisions are our bid events and the main reason for teams to compete in it, is to win bids to Nationals. As we cannot handle multiple large brackets with the restrictions we face at the facilities we are using, we have to make some adjustments. On Saturday, all teams will play in (mostly) 4-team pools. The numbers 1 and 2 from each pool will advance to the playoffs on Sunday. The numbers 3 and 4 from each pool will be eliminated from competition and not play on Sunday.
For the Premier divisions, if there are more teams than we can accommodate, the field will be determined by the rankings, 4 weeks before the event and not by the date of entry. Teams that have bids to nationals already, cannot compete in the regional championships. Fields in the Select divisions are determined by date of entry.

In the Select divisions, all teams will advance to single elimination playoffs on Sunday, but we will break it down into small playoff brackets so we can run those in waves. In the large divisions we may have some parallel divisions with multiple winner and may not have one regional champion.

The 11 Premier and 10 Select divisions will play one day only at the Davies Complex. 11 Premier will be on Saturday, March 13. The 10 Select division on Sunday, March 14.

For the Kansas City area locations: expect that NO audience is allowed, other than 1 person per team to stream the matches, and masks are to be worn during play. Attendance at the Wichita location is limited to 20 person per team, including players and coaches.

March 13 & 14:
18 Premier, 12, Premier, 11 Premier, 17 Select, 11 Select, 10 Select.

March 20 & 21:
15 Premier, 15 Select, 12 Select

March 27 & 28:
16 Premier (Wichita), 17 Premier 18 Select, 16 Select, 13 Select

April 17 & 18
14 Premier (Wichita), 13 Premier, 14 Select

Teams can withdraw with a full refund, up to 2 weeks before the start of each event.

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