Playing Sites Route 66 Springfield

We are pleased to announce the locations for the Route 66 Volleyball Roundup on January 27 and 28 in the Springfield Area:
12’s Division: Net Results Facility, 1020 Hawks Perch, Nixa
13’s Division: Drury University, 900 N Benton, Springfield
14’s Division: Ozark Upper, 3600 State Hwy NN, Ozark
15’s Division: Republic MS, #1 Tiger Drive, Republic and Mcculloch ES, 234 E Anderson, Republic
16’s Division: The OC, 1530 W jackson St. Ozark
17’s Division: The Fieldhouse, 2235 W. Kingsley, Springfield
18’s Division: The Courts, 4136 E Kearney St, Springfield

* * * * * *