Online Officiating Clinics

This year, we are automatically enrolling everybody into the officiating clinics you need to take.
To complete the clinics, go to your Webpoint account, logon and click on the red USAV ACADEMY button. There is no longer a need to enroll into clinics. The clinics will not show up under your events tab in the Webpoint system.

You should have received an email to confirm that you were enrolled (it may have ended up in your spam box).

Start with the HA20 “Getting Started” Module
Then take all the modules that start with “US20”
Make sure to finish with opening and closing the HA20 “Award Certificate” module.
If you do not open and close that slide, no certificate is awarded, and you do not get the credit for completing your clinics. The module will unlock once you have completed everything else.
The certificates of completion are uploaded into the HOA Online system so the clubs can see that you have completed everything.

If you were enrolled in clinics last year, but did not complete all modules, they will still be showing up. They are marked as “US19”. Do not take those modules.

All full member adults are enrolled into the clinics for coaches. If you are not coaching, you will not need to complete the clinics.

Almost all modules start out with a quiz. If you can answer the questions, you can get through those modules pretty quickly.

Players in the age groups 14 and younger are enrolled in the U14 and under officiating clinic and into the OPTIONAL R1 clinic. If players play in the older age divisions and may be used as an up ref, they will need to take the R1 clinic. Otherwise you can ignore that section.

Please contact the HOA office if you run into any problems with the clinics.

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