Locations Shell Price Challenge

The Shell Price Challenge filled up very fast this year. We have been able to add more courts and will have record number of 200 teams participating this year. The 13’s and 14’s divisions are so large that we will split those into 2 divisions of at least 20 teams each. That way we can keep the formats the same as we have in the past and teams will not have to move between different facilities:

18’s Division: OKUN Fieldhouse, Shawnee, KS
17’s Division: Sports Pavilion Lawrence
16’s Division: New Century Fieldhouse, Gardner, KS
15’s Division: MAVS Facility, Olathe, KS
14’s Division: Davies VB Complex, Kansas City, KS and OKUN Fieldhouse, Shawnee, KS
13’s Division: Sports Pavilion Lawrence and Robinson Gym, Lawrence, KS
12’s Division: Sports Pavilion Lawrence

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