Locations Route 66 Springfield area

Below are the playing sites for the Route 66 event in Springfield. Several divisions will be playing at multiple locations. We try to keep them as close together as possible, but we are limited by the facilities available in the area.

12’s Division: Cy Sports
13’s Division: The Clubhouse, Drury University, Stalnaker
14’s Division: Willard Rec Center, Republic MS, McCulloch ES
15’s Division: The OC (Saturday), Ozark MS, Republic Rec Center (Sunday)
16’s Division: The Fieldhouse
17’s Division: The Clubhouse
18’s Division: Ozark HS and MS

Cy Sports: 2180 N Fox Hollow Dr W, Nixa, MO 65714
The Clubhouse: 4136 E Kearney St, Springfield, MO 65803
Willard Rec Center: 233 N State Hwy Z, Willard, MO 65781
Drury University: 900 N Benton Ave, Springfield, MO 65802
Stalnaker Boys and Girls: 1410 Fremont, Springfield, MO 65802
Republic MS: 688 E Hines St, Republic, MO 65738
McCulloch ES: 234 E Anderson St, Republic, MO 65738
The OC: 1530 W Jackson St, Ozark, MO 65721
Ozark MS: 3600 State Hwy NN, Ozark, MO 65721
Republic Rec Center: 711 E Miller Rd, Republic, MO 65738
The Fieldhouse: 2235 W Kingsley St, Springfield, MO 65807
Ozark HS: 1350 W Bluff Dr., Ozark, MO 65721

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