Kansas Border Series

A new series of tournaments, launched by the Heart of America region:

3 playing dates for the even age groups in North Central Kansas, along the Nebraska border. Play 1 or all 3 of the dates. Paid up-officials will be provided for all matches. These are all one-day tournaments.

Playing dates:
– February 3, 2018: Hays, KS age groups 12 and 16
– February 4, 2018: Hays, KS age groups 14 and 18
– February 24, 2018: Salina, KS age groups 12, 14, 16 and 18
– March 3, 2018: Concordia, KS age groups 12 and 14
– March 4, 2018: Concordia, KS age groups 16 and 18

Collect points to become the Border Series champions. The more tournaments your team plays in, the more points you can collect. The team with the most points in each of the 4 age divisions will win $100 (to be paid to the club). Points are collected, depending on the number of teams in each division. For example, in Hays, there are 8 teams in the 14 and under age group. The winner of the tournament gets 8 points towards the series championships, the runner up gets 7 points, etc.

On this webpage you will be able to see the standings in the series.