Heart Challenge Schedule, Locations and Waves

The Schedule for the Heart Challenge Cup is now available on AES (link)

We had some hopes that we would be able to use the Sports Pavilion in Lawrence for the Heart Challenge cup. The site has technically opened up for tournaments, but has put some conditions on it, that makes it impossible for us to schedule events there at this time. These requirements may be dropped in the near future, but we cannot longer wait with posting schedules and sites. With the courts at SPL available, we would have been able to run close to our traditional format for this event.

Since we do not have those courts available, we will use the format that we have used for the Route 66, Keeper of the Plains and Shell Price Challenge. Teams will play a pool of 4 teams on Saturday in waves and a challenge round and playoffs on Sunday. We will drop the entry fee to $290 and issue refunds after the tournament, for the difference in fees. R1’s are provided for all matches. There will be no work teams.

No audience will be allowed at any of the sites. One parent per team will be allowed into the facility to stream the matches. Facemasks will be required to be worn during play for this event.

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