CAP 1 and 2 (Coaches training) in Kansas City

HOA is hosting CAP I and CAP II clinics in Kansas City on November 16 & 17.

CAP I will be $75 per coach ($200 for non-HOA members) and CAP II is $150 for HOA members ($250 for non-HOA members). To register for CAP II, you will need to be, or have been, CAP I certified in the past. To register for CAP I, you need to be IMPACT certified.

HOA Members register through these links:



Learn from a tremendous group of cadre: Heidi Anderson, Don Burroughs, John Kessel, Stu Sherman.

CAP is an excellent way for coaches to expand their coaching knowledge as well as build their coaching network. Coaches learn not only in the classroom, but on the court in active participation sessions.

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