Online Officiating Clinics

!!! Online Clinics will not Work on Cell Phones !!!

Every junior coach must take these online classes
Every junior player that will be certified as a Junior Official must take these online classes
We recommend that all Junior Players take these online classes

We encourage everyone to visit and take advantage of the information provided by USA Volleyball
Volleyball Referee Training (VRT) – The Official USAV Site for all things Volleyball Officiating
Indoor Rules (DCR), Casebook, Interpretations The Official Rules for Download

Instructions for Clinic Registration Using Webpoint

Online Clinic FAQs for Adults and Juniors
[accordion auto_height="false" ui_theme="ui-smoothness" collapsible="1" active="false"][accordion_panel title='INFORMATION CONCERNING ONLINE OFFICIATING CLINICS']Used to Keep Members Informed about all things related to VRT/CourseMill Online Officiating Clinics
As information concerning system such as errors, issues, workarounds are discover we will post them here.
Before contacting Technical Support please check here
*-*-*-*-*[/accordion_panel][accordion_panel title='2013-2014 INSTRUCTIONS --- HOW DO I START OR CONTINUE???']10/21/2013-CLINICS NOW AVAILABLE
!!! NEW FOR THIS SEASON-Read All Instructions Before Proceeding !!!

Instructions for Clinic Registration Using Webpoint

Webpoint Login for Existing USAV Members
Webpoint Login for USAV Members — Use to register for Clinics

Sign In to USAV Academy – OnLine Clinics
*-*-*-*-*[/accordion_panel][accordion_panel title='01/15/2014 - COURSE FREEZES or DOESN'T LOAD']Since every PC/device is different, this is hard to diagnose.
Please take the following actions before contacting the HOA office

  1. Do not user Internet Explorer 11 (UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE)
  2. If using IE8 confirm View Compatibility Setting
  3. Upgrade your Flash Player Beware of Optional offer settings!!!
    Upgrade Flash Player
  4. Enable Pop-Up Windows in the browser
  5. Clear Browser History/Cache

If all the above fails, please contact the HOA office for further assistance
Inform them that you have a course freezing or not loading!!!

Please be ready to provide the following information

  1. Contact Email
  2. Contact Phone Number
  3. Operating System and Version
  4. Browser and Version
  5. Name of Student
  6. CourseMill Student ID
  7. CourseMill Password
  8. Which Course is freezing or not loading

*-*-*-*-*[/accordion_panel][accordion_panel title='01/13/2014 - VRT OPEN']USAV has limited the number of seats in the academy at the same time. (2000 seats)
If you attempt to log on and the academy is full you will get message requesting that you try later.

When done, click the logoff link in the upper right corner.
This will free up your seat.
Just closing the browser window keeps your seat occupied and unusable

If taking a break or interrupted, close your course and log off
This helps the system and you as well.
If you timeout (inactive for too long) you will not know until you complete the course and then CourseMill will tell you that you timed out.
CourseMill does not remember where you were when this happens.
*-*-*-*-*[/accordion_panel][accordion_panel title='01/13/2014 - Webpoint says I am registered but CourseMill doesn't know it']Occasionally the automatic clinic registration
fails in CourseMill after succeeding in Webpoint.
You will need to contact the HOA Office for further assistance.
*-*-*-*-*[/accordion_panel][accordion_panel title='01/01/2014 - INTERNET EXPLORER and other ISSUES/ERRORS']Internet Explorer 11
Webpoint and CourseMill does not support Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (IE11).
USAV Suggested Fix for IE11 (may or may not work)
Best Choice: Use a different browser like Firefox…

Internet Explorer 8
Many XP users are using Internet Explorer 8. You will need to set “View Compatibility Settings” and respond No to “Display only secured content…”
Best Choice: Use a different browser like Firefox…

CLINIC showing up on Webpoint but can’t Logon to Coursemill
1. A glitch sometimes registers students in Webpoint but not in Coursemill

Contact the HOA office for assistance if needed
*-*-*-*-*[/accordion_panel][accordion_panel title='12/19/2013 --- Webpoint doesn't show my clinic as completed. Why???']UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!!!
1. A glitch sometimes prevents course/clinic completions from Coursemill being recorded in Webpoint. This should not prevent receiving credit in HOAonline within 3 days of course completion.
Check with your Club Director or Team Rep to determine if your completion was successful. If not contact the HOA office.
*-*-*-*-*[/accordion_panel][accordion_panel title='10/29/2013 --- I Never Got My Certificates or I Lost Them! Now What???']If you did not receive your Completion Certificates or lost them, you can sign on to USAV Academy and view/print/save them.
Fast Instructions
1. Sign in to USAV Academy (CourseMill)
2. Click Transcript button (upper left)
3. Click Certificates button.
4. Select desired certificate and click View Certificate button.
Detailed Instructions with Screen Shots
*-*-*-*-*[/accordion_panel][accordion_panel title='10/24/2013 --- Got my Certificates! Why didn't I get HOA Credit???']You will not receive HOA credit for any Online Clinics/Courses until your membership is paid!
*-*-*-*-*[/accordion_panel][accordion_panel title='10/23/2013 --- Where are my Certificates/E-Mails from USAV Academy???']Please check your SPAM/JUNK mail folders for any emails from USAV Academy.
Until the vendor includes Date Sent many email programs flag these as SPAM.
*-*-*-*-*[/accordion_panel][accordion_panel title='01/13/2014 --- ARCHIVED HISTORY']*-*-*-*-*
01/03/2014 – Message 1 about Outage – USAV Sr. Director Margie Mara
From Margie Mara – Senior Director – USA Volleyball National Office
Dear Regional Leaders,
We wanted to update you on the latest on the USAV Academy and the coaches’ and officials’ courses.
Things are beginning to look better and we are much closer to re-opening the Coursemill learning management software.

Please let us fill you in on a bit of history, to give you a better understanding of what the issues have been.
A year ago, USAV purchased Coursemill from a company called Trivantis. Along with the rights to use the program was assistance in setting up our server to ensure it had the capabilities to assist us in the use of the powerful program. We were repeatedly assured that the system could handle the number of users we predicted, knowing the number of USAV members and past traffic patterns.

So when the system began to slow down this year due to the huge number of users on Coursemill at the same time, we reached out for assistance in what could be done. They were slow to respond, more than likely due to the holiday season. Once in touch, they gave us some things to try, even though some of those paths conflicted with their past counsel when we purchased the program and followed their guidance in configuring our server. During all of this, our server was never at full capacity and had plenty of room for expansion.

This brings us quickly to where we are right now. We have Coursemill installed on our server, which has been updated with the suggestions from Trivantis. We are testing it now, to make sure that all links are working, that all lines of the program are in line and we are having Trivantis go through the program before opening to our members once again.

It is highly possible that when we re-open, we will pursue a graduated limit to the number of users who can be logged in at a time (to be decided after consultation with Trivantis and analysis of our past traffic) so that we do not have the overload issues that occurred over the holidays. We HOPE to have the Academy back open by Saturday, January 4, but cannot yet promise that. We very much want to give you some date, but also would like you to understand that we want to make sure we will not have the issues that caused the closure in the first place. When we do re-open, we want to do it in a fashion that creates the smallest adverse impact on you and your members.

Again, you have our deepest apologies. We know the inconvenience this has caused, and we wish we could have predicted this occurring, or even thought it might occur. Alas, we did not.

With all of this, we truly hope that all of you had a blessed holiday season and that the new year is the best ever for each and every one of you.
Thank you.
Margie Mara
01/03/2014 – Message 2 about Outage – USAV CEO Doug Beal
From Doug Beal – CEO – USA Volleyball National Office
First, I too want to apologize for the mishap and inconvenience you are experiencing with the USAV Academy LMS. We share in your frustration, as this is a level of service not acceptable to us, and ultimately we accept the responsibility.

It is most frustrating because last year we made a significant investment in the LMS and we were repeatedly assured and conducted the appropriate testing to verify the software could more than handle the worst case scenario load. Obviously that was not the case as the software has failed. However, I can assure you it has not been due to a lack of a dedicated team working tirelessly around the clock trying to correct the problem and get the system up and running smoothly again. I have personally been on the phone with the lead programmer of the software company making it clear that in no uncertain terms correcting this problem needs to be their highest priority and we expect responsiveness and their full attention until the issue is resolved.

Clearly this negatively impacts coaches trying to get IMPACT certified and prevents officials from completing their required officials courses. Given the unfortunate circumstances with the LMS, I would request your consideration and flexibility with your testing requirements until the LMS is fully functional.

In the short term our first priority is to work with the software company in correcting the problem at hand. Once we get beyond that we will be looking at all our options and potential recourse to ensure this does not happen again in the future.

Moving forward, at a minimum, please look for an update each morning and evening until the issue is resolved. In addition, if you have ideas or suggestions of how we can assist you during this period please let us know.

Again, I apologize for the inconvenience and I appreciate your understanding as we work as quickly as we can in correcting the LMS.

Doug Beal
01/01/2014 – VRT/CourseMill is Down
VRT/CourseMill is down for maintenance
USAV is upgrading software and hardware to meet the NEW recommendations of Trivantis (CourseMill provider).
Unfortunately, Trivantis misinformed USAV concerning the capacity and performance abilities of CourseMill as configured.