Region Bids

Bid Allocation to Girls Junior National Volleyball Championships (JNC) 2016-17

Click here for Information and Competition Dates for the Girls JNC in Minneapolis, MN (June 25-July 4)

Click here for Information and Competition Dates for Girls 18 JNC (for 18 Open, 18 National, 18 USA, 18 American, 18 Patriot) Dallas, TX April 21-23, 2017


12’s Team Bid
Adidas Dynasty 12-1 NQ
PVA 12-1 N
KC Power 12-1 A
13’s Team Bid
Adidas Dynasty 13-1 N
Adidas Dynasty 13-2 N
KC Power 13-1 A
14’s Team Bid
Adidas Dynasty 14-1 N
KC Power 14-1 N
Highlands Performance 14-1 AQ
PVA 14-1 A
Invasion 14-1 A
15’s Team Bid
Adidas Dynasty 15-1 OQ
KC Power 15-1 N
Topeka Impact 15-1 N
Adidas Dynasty 15-2 UQ
Shockwave VB Academy 15-1 A
KNVBC 15-1 A
16’s  Team Bid
KC Power 16-1 OQ
Adidas Dynasty 16-1 N
Springfield Jrs 16-1 N
17’s Team
KC Power 17-1 OQ
Springfield Jrs 17-1 N
Adidas Dynasty 17-1 UR
18’s  Team Bid
KC Power 18-1 OQ
PVA 18-1 OQ
Topeka Impact 18-1 N
Invasion 18-1 UR
YMCA/PK Star Aquila 18-1 UQ
Invasion 18-2 UR
Performance Volleyball 18-2 A
Shockwave VB Academy 18-1 A
PVA 18-2 AR
Q = Bid From Qualifier
O = Open Division
N = National Division
U = USA Division
A = American Division
R = Re-allocated
AL = At Large

HOA Region Bid Allocations for the 2016-17 season:

12 National Bid:  1
12 American Bids: 2

13-17 National Bids: 2
13-17 American Bids: 2

18 National Bids: 2
18 American Bids: 2

HOA Region – Bid Process to Junior National Championships (JNC)

1. All National & USA Division Bids* will be awarded through the Powerleague, based on final finishes. The highest finishing team will be awarded the highest available Bid.

* If a team from the Region has earned a USA Division Bid at a National Qualifier, and subsequently earns and accepts a higher Bid, their original USA Bid will then become a “Region” Bid and will be awarded through the Powerleague.

2. American Bids will be awarded through the Gold Regional Championships

If a team from the Region has earned an American Division Bid at a National Qualifier, and subsequently earns and accepts a higher Bid, their original American Bid will then become a “Region” Bid and will be awarded at the Gold Regional Championships.

Any team that accepts a Bid (any level) prior to the Gold Regional Championships will not be allowed to compete in that event.

If more Bids become available than there are teams from the Powerleague finish and the top 8 finishers from the Gold Regional Championships, the HOA Region rankings will be used to award the Bid(s). The Bid will go to the highest ranked team from the ranking system, which does not have a Bid, at the moment the Bid becomes available.

3. Accepting or Declining Bids:

Region Bids are all Bids that are distributed through the Region. This includes Bids earned by Region teams at Qualifiers, which have then upgraded their Bids. These Qualifier Bids then become Region Bids.
– Decline a Region Bid: Once you decline a Region Bid – you will forfeit any other Region Bids that may become available (a team that has been awarded a Bid through the Region has to accept the highest offered Bid or will decline any Region Bid). Unless stated otherwise in the Championship Manual, a team who has a Bid from a National Qualifier and declines a higher Region Bid, declines all Region Bids, but keeps the Bid from the National Qualifier.
– Any Bid to the Junior National Championships must either be accepted or declined before 3:00 PM of the first Monday following the conclusion of the last round of the Power League I or Gold Regional Championship. Notice to accept or decline must be made in writing or email, signed by the subject team’s coach or club director, and delivered to the HOA office by the above-prescribed deadline. If such notice is not received in the prescribed form and by the above-referenced deadline, the Bid will be offered to the next finisher.  If such occurs, the next finisher will have 24 hours to either accept or decline the Bid.
– A team that accepts a JNC Bid from the Region is required to submit all appropriate forms and fees that may be required by the JNC registration process.  It is highly recommended that each team makes itself aware of all requirements.
– Any team allowing a Bid to ‘”drop’” and be lost for use by an HOA team, may be subject to sanctions, including but not limited to: being denied entry into the following season’s HOA Powerleague and/or the Gold Regional Championships.  It is imperative that a team that has accepted a Bid for JNC, notifies the HOA office immediately if unable to attend.  This increases the likelihood that another HOA team can attend.

4. Unforeseen circumstances:

Powerleague: In case the Powerleague finishes are inconclusive, all Bids will default to the Gold Regional Championships.
Regional Championships: If the Gold Regional Championships can’t be held, the HOA Region rankings will be used to award the American Division Bid(s). The Bids will go to the highest ranked teams from the ranking system, that do not have a Bid at that moment.