Junior Outdoor Volleyball Tournament FAQ

All 2013 Junior Sand Volleyball Tournaments hosted by HOA will be played at Volleyball Beach in Martin City. 

Volleyball Beach:
13105 Holmes Rd, Kansas City, MO 64145
From I-435, turn South on Holmes. Volleyball Beach is on the corner of Holmes and East Blue Ridge Blvd.

When are the Tournaments?
To find the tournament calendar, go under “Outdoor”, “Tournament” and select “Tournament Calendar”.
Junior sand events are scheduled for June 2, June 22 & 23 (Nat’l Qualifier), July 7, July 21, August 4 and August 10 and 11.

Do you have to play in all events?
No. All events are individual tournaments. You can sign up for any number of tournaments you would like to play in.

Can boys play in the sand tournaments?
In the regular tournaments (excluding the national qualifier), we will try to run separate boys divisions for 14 and 18 under age groups. Boys 12 and younger can play in the girls division.

How can I sign up?
Go to the HOA website under “Outdoor”, “Tournament” and select “Enter IBT event”. Fill out the online form to register. Do not call in your registration.

When do I pay the fee?
You will pay the fee of $25 per player, at the site when you check in, in the morning. Preferable check or cash.

Do I need to be an HOA member to play?
Yes. All participants need to be HOA members. If you played indoor club ball this season, you should already be a member. If you did not play indoor, you can get a summer membership for $15 for the whole summer. To register, go under “Hot Topics” to “Individual Registration” and follow the steps there. Make sure to select the “Summer Season” membership and to print of your membership card and bring that to the event.

How many players can be on a team?
All teams will exist of 2 players only. No substitutions are allowed in outdoor competition. If a player gets injured, the team will have to forfeit. It has to be that way, to avoid that teams will bring in a fresh player during playoffs.

When do the tournaments start?
Check-in starts at 8 am, tournament play starts around 8:30 am. Please do not show up at the site before 8 am.

Can we bring outside food?
No. Volleyball Beach sells food and drink. We are very glad that they are willing to open up times for us to run these tournaments. They can make a lot more money by running adult 6 on 6 tournaments than they can running these junior events, but they are willing to work with us to develop the sport. Please help us to make it worth for them to host junior sand tournaments by not bringing in outside food.

What is the playing format?
Pool play in the morning. All teams will advance to single elimination playoffs. Typically playoffs start around 1 pm and are completed by 4 pm

Will playing schedules be posted?
We will not post playing schedules on our website. We will finalize the schedules during check in. You will find out when and where you play onsite in the morning.

What is the ball that teams will be playing with?
The regular IBT tournaments will be played with the Molten BV5000.

Is there an entry fee for audience?
No. No entry fee is charged.

Are there officials for the matches?
No. Sand volleyball is self officiated. The players need to learn to agree with their opponents on the calls or else to replay the rally. We will have staff at hand to help out with the rules for outdoor volleyball.

Can parents help with the officiating?
No. Parents cannot be near the courts. All parents will have to stay on the deck and watch the games from there. The players need to learn to officiate and make decisions with their opponents. So parents, sit back and enjoy!

Are the rules the same as indoor volleyball?
No. There are some major differences between indoor and outdoor volleyball rules. The biggest one: No overhand serve receive using finger action.

Do players need to wear uniforms?
No. Players do not have to wear the same shirts. Players do not need to have numbers on their shirts.

Do players wear shoes?
No. Players usually play barefeet. You may want to bring some socks to play in on warm days. The sand can get very hot.

How about the National Qualifier on June 22 & 23?
For this event you will have to sign up directly through USA Volleyball:
The fee of $54 per team (early registration) for this event is due when you sign up.
The format for this event will be the same as for the regular events: pool play followed by single elimination playoffs.