Impact Clinics

For the ON-DEMAND Impact classes and USA Volleyball Impact Webinars, logon in through Webpoint and register.

NO WALKUPS. EVERYBODY NEEDS TO PRE-REGISTER AND PAY. To attend any of the region IMPACT clinics, you will need to pre-register online. Go to your individual registration and logon to Webpoint. Once you are logged on, go to “Event Registration” and select “Region Coaching Clinics”. Select the clinic you want to sign up for and proceed to register.

Nov. 14, 20146-10:30 pmFarha Sports CenterWichita, KS$25
Nov. 15, 20141-5:30 pmCentral Bible CollegeSpringfield, MO$25
Nov. 21, 20146-10:30 pmDavies Volleyball ComplexKansas City, KS$25
Dec. 3, 20146-10:30 pmDavies Volleyball Kansas City, KS$25
Dec. 6, 20149am-1:30 pmBarton CC Kirkman Physical Education BldgGreat Bend, KS$25
Dec. 6, 20149am-1:30 pmSalina South High SchoolSalina, KS$25
Dec. 6, 20143:30-8 pmSportsZoneTopeka, KS$25
Dec. 7, 20144-9 pmBlair Oaks High SchoolWardsville, Mo$25
Dec. 13, 20141-5:30 pmFarah Sports CenterWichita, KS$25
Dec. 13, 20143:30-8 pmCentral Bible CollegeSpringfield, MO$25
Jan. 3, 20151-5 pmHeliasJefferson City, MO$25
Jan. 5 , 20156-10:30 pmDavies Volleyball ComplexKansas City, KS$25
Jan. 7, 20156-10:30 pmMaize Recreation, 10100 Grady AveMaize, KS$25