HOA Service Awards

Heart of America Volleyball Hall of Fame Inductees:

Terry Wright SrDave GentileJoe Maloney
Mike StowellCrystal JacksonLori Endicott-Vandersnick
Dennis JacksonSandi Podorski
Gary KufahlBill ForresterGlen Davies
Hank VanArsdaleGordon FujimotoJerry Sherman
Jill StinsonTom Slaymaker


Heart of America Officials Lifetime Service Award:

2016: Ric Washburn
2014: Gary Kufahl


Robert L. Lindsay Meritorious Service Award

Named­ in ­honor­ of ­Robert ­L.­ Lindsay, ­the ­eighth ­president ­of­ USA­ Volleyball, ­1981-1984, and ­a ­former­ regional ­commissioner,­ who­ was instrumental ­in ­the ­success ­of ­the­ national-team-in-residence ­program ­in ­the­ 1980s.­ This ­program­ set­ a ­new­ standard­ for ­all­ National­ Governing­ Bodies­ in­ the­ United­ States.

COMMISSION:  This­ vehicle­ recognizes ­individuals ­who ­have­ made­ a­ significant contribution ­to ­volleyball­ at­ the­local,­ regional,­ national­ and/or­ international ­levels­ through­ USA­ Volleyball­ or­ one­ of ­its­ Affiliate ­Organizations.­­ The­ award­ is­ administered ­by­ USA­ Volleyball­ Regions­ and ­Affiliated ­Organizations.


A. Active ­participation ­and ­leadership­ in­ volleyball­ during­ the current­ playing­ season­ as ­a­ coach, official,­ and/or­ administrator.­

B. Promotion ­of ­volleyball­ and/or­ the­ corporation­ with ­the­ nominating­ Member­ Organization.

C. Contribution ­of­ articles ­on­ volleyball ­in­ special­ or­ regular­ communication­ vehicles ­of ­the­ corporation ­and/or­ the­ nominating ­organization­ or­  other­ such ­publications ­having­ national­ and/or ­international­ distribution.

D. Speeches­ or­ scholarly ­presentations ­that­ serve­ to­ promote­ volleyball­ play.

E. Research­ that­ enhances­ the­ coaching,­ teaching ­or ­analysis­ of­ volleyball ­play.

F. An­ active role ­in ­major ­volleyball ­programs­ or­ projects.

G. Former­ recipients­ are ­not ­eligible­ to ­receive­ this award­ from ­the­ same­ Affiliate ­Organization ­but­ are eligible­ to ­receive ­the­ recognition ­from­ other/another ­Affiliate­ Organization(s).

Steve Arnell
Kathy Hunter
Patty Reynolds
Steve LesherBecky ElkinsPat GlavinDavid Fall
Ibraheem SuberuDenise JettRandy WatsonTodd Harris
Gina WebbStuart JohnsonKenny WhislerBrian Heaton
Michelle YoungRyan Lacson
Mike Stowell
Bob KennedyGlen DaviesKelly DanielsDave Abramson
Gwenn PikeKaren ReichGregg NaceBev Funk
Cliff RobinsonTom SlaymakerTerry Wright SrMargo Loop
Jerry ShermanKenya YoungAngie Sieg
Cindy BrauckMark BunkerBuz BohmeyerKathy Allen
D'Anne CarnahanMike EspinosaDave GentileDan Arnold
Bob LockwoodLisa FreemanShell PriceDan Houser
Brad SettleRoger RevelleArt StonePhil Piontek
Bertil WamelinkSandi Podorski
Jennie HarrisMarlo BootsMary FaragherDeb Adkins
Mike SeckMelonie CliftonPerry HawesKarry Hamilton
Susan TrueMike HamiltonDennis JacksonCrystal Jackson
Nancy HopkinsBrian TubbesingKerrie Lalumondier
Heather PacePatty Washburn
Boyd ChildersRita HarrisSusan BouldinMarla Childers
Becky DavisKaren PiedimonteChris BurnsJohn Lee
Phil HillJohn PiedimonteGordon Fujimoto
Gary LoopBob StuhlsatzJudy Gard
Peggy MartinTimothy Neels
Jill StinsonCheryl CucarAnn Bode-RodriguezPaul Scovill
Ric WashburnBill ForresterGary Kufahl
Ed LeCluyseTom Kutcher
Liz Scovill
Sandi CaldwellGil BernabeAdolpho AlejoDan McKay
Patrick DickeyJoe MaloneyMarcia AltermanFran Rockford
Mike SteeleSharon RodriguezRuth BeardleeJoEllen Stringer
Hank Van ArsdaleLinda DollarDavid Waldie
Janice KrugerJudy Walton