Women’s League

Last updated: January 18, 2017 at 15:36 pm

We will start up some open play for Adult players at the Davies Volleyball Complex on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 till 9:30 pm. Fee is $6 per player. Just show up to play, no need to pre-register. 

The Spring
 leagues at the Davies Volleyball Complex will start back up on Wednesday, February 1. Click here to download the registration form.

League Standings:

Women's A/BBTeam NameWonLost%
1Bump and Grind2310.958
2Team Bates2310.958
3Team Vanderpool14100.667
4No Name16110.593
5Rusty Ballz11130.458
6Kansas City Queens13140.444
8Straight Outta College8160.333
9The Dig Dogs6210.222
10Nomads II4230.148

Match Results:

Nov. 16Set 1Set 2Set 3
Bump and GrindvsNo Name25-1826-2425-17
Candid City QueensvsRusty Ballz20-2526-2526-24
Kansas City QueensvsTeam Vanderpool25-2016-2519-25
Straight Outta CollegevsNomads II25-1825-1819-25
The Dig DogsvsNomads II25-2125-2012-25
Bump.Set.TacosvsTeam Bates19-2516-2518-25
Nov. 30Set 1Set 2Set 3
Bump.Set.TacosvsStraight Outta College21-2525-2025-21
Nomads IIvsTeam Bates19-2515-2513-25
Nomads IIvsRusty Ballz27-2923-2525-14
The Dig DogsvsNo Name27-2516-2520-25
Team VanderpoolvsNo Name16-2525-1920-25
Bump and GrindvsKansas City Queens25-2025-2225-10
Dec. 7Set 1Set 2Set 3
Kansas City QueensvsTeam Bates19-2518-2518-25
Rusty BallzvsTeam Bates17-2521-2525-21
Bump and GrindvsNomads II25-025-025-0
Bump.Set.TacosvsNo Name21-2516-2523-25
Straight Outta CollegevsTeam Vanderpool16-2525-2320-25
Straight Outta College vs The Dig Dogs25-1919-2525-15
Dec. 14Set 1Set 2Set 3
Bump and GrindvsStraight Outta College15-2225-1125-14
Bump.Set.TacosvsRusty Ballz29-2725-2112-25
No NamevsRusty Ballz17-2524-2630-28
Nomads IIvsTeam Vanderpool12-2511-259-25
Kansas City QueensvsThe Dig Dogs28-2615-2525-16
Team Batesvs The Dig Dogs25-2325-1025-14
Dec. 21Set 1Set 2Set 3
Rusty BallzvsTeam Vanderpool15-2514-2518-25
Bump and GrindvsTeam Vanderpool25-2725-1825-19
Bump and GrindvsThe Dig Dogs25-025-025-0
Straight Outta CollegevsTeam Bates21-2523-2514-25
Bump.Set.TacosvsNomads II20-2525-1925-19
Kansas City QueensvsNo Name17-2520-2525-23
Jan 4Set 1Set 2Set 3
Kansas City QueensvsNomads II26-2427-2525-21
Kansa City QueensvsBump.Set.Tacos25-1325-2227-25
The Dig DogsvsBump.Set.Tacos15-2512-2514-25
Bump and Grindvs Rusty Ballz29-2725-1725-13
Straight Outta CollegevsNo Name19-2528-2617-25
Team BatesvsTeam Vanderpool25-1525-1525-21
Jan 11Set 1Set 2Set 3
Rusty BallzvsThe Dig Dogs25-2125-1825-16
Team VanderpoolvsThe Dig Dogs15-2525-1125-15
Kansas City QuensvsStraight Outta College25-2325-1824-26
NomadsIIvsNo Name19-2516-2517-25
Team BatesvsNo Name25-1325-2325-13
Bump.Set.TacosvsBump and Grind14-2518-2519-25

Women’s Winter League Schedule

League Format for the Fall League:
10 Teams, Single round Robin pool play. Winner will receive their entry fee back


Team #Team NameCaptain
1Bump & GrindKyla Majors
2Bump.Set.TacosKendra Corley
3Kansas City QueensShaughnessy Miller
4Straight Outta CollegeAubrey Brown
5Rusty BallzBrandy Anyanwie
6The Dig DogsAlexis Nibert
7Nomads IIJillian Williams
8No NameKathrine Gungor
9Team BatesJulia Bates
10Team VanderpoolPaige Vanderpool

Playing Schedule:

DATE6:30 P-Ct 17:30 P-Ct 18:30 P-Ct 16:30 P-Ct 27:30 P-Ct 28:30 P-Ct 2Double
Nov 161 vs 83 vs 53 vs 104 vs 76 vs 72 vs 93,7
Nov 302 vs 47 vs 95 vs 76 vs 88 vs 101 vs 37,8
Dec 73 vs 95 vs 91 vs 72 vs 84 vs 104 vs 64,9
Dec 141 vs 42 vs 55 vs 87 vs 103 vs 66 vs 95,6
Dec 215 vs 101 vs 101 vs 64 vs 92 vs 73 vs 81,10
Jan 43 vs 72 vs 32 vs 61 vs 54 vs 89 vs 102,3
Jan 117 vs 88 vs 91 vs 25 vs 66 vs 103 vs 46,8
Jan 182 vs 101 vs 94 vs 5