Women’s League

Last updated: August 31, 2015 at 11:53 am

The 2015-2016 HOA Fall League will start back up on Wednesday, September 16.
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League Standings (A):

Women's ATeam NameWonLost%
1Just A Tip2640.867
2Old Lady Cats2550.833
4Wing It2280.733
5Mixed Up13170.433
6Notorious DIG13170.433
7The Susan's10200.333
8Balls to the Wall10200.333
9The Nomads10200.333
10Hat Trick9210.300
11Old Lady Broncos4260.133

Match Results

Mar. 4Set 1Set 2Set 3
Hat TrickvsNotorious DIG25-1725-1821-25
The Susan'svsNotorious DIG15-2516-2525-13
The Susan's vsWing It19-2522-2516-25
Just A TipvsThe Nomads27-2525-1025-23
Hat Trickvs Balls to the Wall25-1722-2525-15
Mixed UpvsOld Lady Broncos25-2325-1518-25
Ball-Z vsOld Lady Cats25-1226-2425-18
Mar. 11Set 1Set 2Set 3
Just A TipvsOld Lady Cats25-1824-2625-22
Old Lady CatsvsWing it25-1925-725-22
Mixed UpvsThe Susan's22-2525-1325-19
Ball-ZvsBalls to the Wall25-1925-2125-16
Notorious DIGvsThe Nomads25-2025-2025-23
Hat Trickvs Old Lady Broncos25-2215-2525-14
Mar. 18Set 1Set 2Set 3
Old Lady CatsvsBalls to the Wall25-1525-1225-19
Balls to the WallvsThe Nomads21-2525-2022-25
Notorious DIGvs Wing It26-2414-2524-26
The Susan's vs Old Lady Broncos25-1525-1523-25
Mixed UpvsHat Trick25-2325-1425-21
Just A TipvsBall-Z25-1425-1825-15
Mar. 25Set 1Set 2Set 3
Just A TipvsThe Susan's25-1225-1325-10
Just A Tipvs Old Lady Broncos25-1125-1425-12
Old Lady CatsvsOld Lady Broncos25-525-1525-15
Mixed Upvs Notorious DIG25-2325-1825-21
Balls to the WallvsWing It25-2217-2521-25
Ball-ZvsThe Nomads25-1325-625-14
April 1Set 1Set 2Set 3
Mixed UpvsOld Lady Cats21-2517-2518-25
Mixed Up vsWing It12-2518-2513-25
Just A TipvsHat Trick25-1325-2325-22
Old Lady Broncosvs The Nomads24-2619-2517-25
Ball-Zvs The Susans's25-1725-1425-19
Balls to the WallvsNotorious DIG28-2528-2525-17
April 8Set 1Set 2Set 3
Mixed UpvsNomads23-2525-1825-12
Old Lady CatsvsNomdas25-1525-1725-18
Hat TrickvsWing It21-2525-1721-25
Ball-ZvsOld Lady Broncos25-025-025-0
Just A Tip vsNotorious DIG25-1425-1325-15
The Susan's vs Balls to the Wall25-1726-2422-25
April 15Set 1Set 2Set 3
The Susan'svsHat Trick25-1622-2521-25
Hat TrickvsThe Nomads0-250-250-25
Mixed Upvs Ball-Z19-2520-2523-25
Old Lady BroncosvsWing It26-240-2518-25
Just A TipvsBall to the Wall25-23 25-1826-24
Old Lady CatsvsNotorious DIG25-1625-1625-20
April 22Set 1Set 2Set 3
The Susan'svsThe Nomads25-2325-1725-17
Old Lady CatsvsHat Trick25-1025-2125-12
Notorious DIGvsOld Lady Broncos25-025-025-0
Ball-ZvsWing It17-2524-2614-25
Just a TipvsWing It0-250-250-25
Mixed Upvs Balls to the Wall25-277-2525-21
April 29Set 1Set 2Set 3
Just A TipvsMixed Up30-2825-1525-18
Balls to the WallvsOld Day Broncos25-1825-1925-9
The NomadsvsWing It20-2518-2525-22
Ball-ZvsHat Trick25-1425-2025-21
Ball-ZvsNotorious DIG24-2625-1225-22
The Susan's vsOld Lady Cats25-2517-2517-25

Women’s Spring League Schedule

League Format for the Spring League:
3 teams signed up for BB, the rest for A. Not enough BB teams to run a separate division, so we will play a single round robin with 11 teams. Winner of the league will receive their entry fee back. Make sure to check the schedule for DOUBLE HEADER matches.  The first week we need to get 7 matches in and we are starting the matches on the hour (6, 7, 8 and 9 pm). After the first week, we will have 6 matches on 2 courts and will be playing them at 6:60, 7:30 and 8: 30 PM.

Team #Team NameCaptain
1Just A TipKyla Roehrig
2Mixed UpNickey Crail
3Ball-ZJan Connor
4The Susan'sJennifer Williams
5Old Lady CatsLauren Mathewson
6Hat TrickNichole Ahlstrom
7Balls to the WallJana Boss
8Notorious DIGBichlien Pham
9Old Lady BroncosFerrel Richardson
10The NomadsJillian Williams
11Wing ItStephanie Keaton

Playing Schedule:

Date6 pm - Crt 17 pm - Crt 17 pm - Crt 28 pm - Crt 18 pm - Crt 29 pm - Crt 19 pm - crt 2
Mar. 46 vs 84 vs 86 vs 74 vs 112 vs 91 vs 103 vs 5
6:30 pm - Crt 16:30 pm - Crt 27:30 pm - Crt 17:30 pm - Crt 28:30 pm - Crt 18:30 pm - Crt 2
Mar. 111 vs 53 vs 75 vs 118 vs 102 vs 46 vs 9
Mar. 185 vs 74 vs 97 vs 102 vs 68 vs 111 vs 3
Mar. 251 vs 42 vs 81 vs 97 vs 115 vs 93 vs 10
April 12 vs 59 vs 102 vs 113 vs 41 vs 67 vs 8
April 82 vs 103 vs 95 vs 101 vs 86 vs 114 vs 7
April 154 vs 69 vs 116 vs 101 vs 72 vs 35 vs 8
April 223 vs 114 vs 101 vs 115 vs 62 vs 78 vs 9
April 293 vs 61 vs 23 vs 87 vs 94 vs 510 vs 11