Women’s League

Last updated: November 24, 2014 at 16:11 pm

The 2014-2015 HOA Winter Leagues will start back up on Wednesday, December 3.
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Accepted teams for Winter League: Just a Tip, Hat Trick

League Standings (A/AA):

Women's ATeam NameWonLost%
4Power Hour168.667
2Mixed Up1215.444
5Fire & Ice1113.458
6Balls to the Wall321.125

League Standings (B/BB):

Women's BBTeam NameWonLost%
3Spiked Punch1611.593
2Old Lady Broncos1512.556
1Notorious DIG1512.556
5The Newcomers1017.370
4The Nomads918.333

Match Results

Sept. 24Set 1Set 2Set 3
MisfitsvsFire & Ice22-2525-1525-18
Power HourvsBalls to the Wall25-2225-1227-25
Ball-ZvsMixed Up22-2525-2220-25
Old Lady BroncosvsThe Newcomers25-1824-2625-18
Old Lady BroncosvsSpiked Punch22-2525-1925-19
Notorious DIGvsThe Nomads24-2625-1625-19
Sept. 17Set 1Set 2Set 3
Ball-ZvsBalls to the Wall25-2225-1725-12
Mixed UpvsFire & Ice25-2225-1315-25
Power HourvsMisfits22-2525-1521-25
Notorious DIGvsSpiked Punch25-1825-1525-17
Notorious DIGvsThe Newcomers25-1725-914-25
Old Lady BroncosvsThe Nomads25-2117-2525-17
Oct. 1Set 1Set 2Set 3
Power HourvsFire & Ice25-1925-1225-17
Balls to the WallvsMixed Up17-2523-2522-25
Old Lady BroncosvsThe Nomads25-1725-1925-15
Notorious DIGvsThe Newcomers25-1625-1325-11
Spiked Punch vsThe Newcomers25-1425-1126-24
Oct. 8Set 1Set 2Set 3
Power HourvsMixed Up25-1724-2623-25
MisfitsvsBalls to the Wall25-1825-2225-17
Ball-ZvsFire & Ice25-1025-1925-14
The NomadsvsThe Newcomers18-2525-2225-19
Notorious DIGvsThe Nomads25-1822-2516-25
Old Lady BroncosvsSpiked Punch25-2220-2525-23
Oct. 15Set 1Set 2Set 3
MisfitsvsMixed Up25-1125-1612-25
Power HourvsBall-Z19-2525-2023-25
Balls to the WallvsFire & Ice25-2125-2019-25
Spiked Punch vsThe Nomads21-2525-2225-21
Spiked PunchvsThe Newcomers25-1714-2525-8
Notorious DIGvsOld Lady Broncos18-2525-1725-9
Nov. 5Set 1Set 2Set 3
Fire & IcevsBalls to the Wall25-0 25-025-0
MisfitsvsBall Z13-2525-1616-25
Mixed UpvsBall Z21-2525-2321-25
Power HourvsNotorious DIG25-1225-1525-16
Old Lady BroncosvsThe Newcomers25-2311-2521-25
Spiked PunchvsThe Nomads25-1725-2125-13
Nov. 12Set 1Set 2Set 3
Spiked PunchvsNewcomers0-2524-2625-18
MisfitsvsMixed Up25-1725-1925-21
Fire & IcevsNotorious DIG25-2025-1426-24
Old Lady BroncosvsThe Nomads15-2525-1925-6
Power HourvsBalls to the Wall25-1425-1125-23
Nov. 19Set 1Set 2Set 3
MisfitsvsMixed Up25-1925-2225-21
Mixed UpvsBall-Z16-2528-2610-25
The NomadsvsThe Newcomers21-2525-2021-25
Balls to the WallvsNotorious DIG25-1716-2520-25
Power HourvsFire & Ice19-2525-1621-25
Old Lady BroncosvsSpiked Punch 21-2514-2522-25

Women’s Fall League Schedule

League Format for the Fall League:
Total of 11 teams divided in A and BB division of 6 and 5 teams each. A teams: Single round robin competition. BB teams: all play 6 matches (check for double headers). After completion of 1st round, teams will be re-pooled in 2 pools of 4 teams and 1 pool of 3 teams. Top 3 from A division will be Pool 1 (double round robin. Double header matches). Bottom 3 from the A division and the top team from the BB division will be Pool 2. Bottom 4 teams from BB division will be Pool 3. Again a single round robin will be played. All teams will compete 8 matches (league will run 8 weeks). Winners of the 4 team pools will receive half their entry fee back.

Team #Team NameCaptain
Round 2Division 1
13MisfitsLindsay Moncet
14Mixed UpNickey Crail
15Ball-ZJan Connor
Round 2Division 2
17Power HourJennifer Williams
18Fire & IceNichole Ahlstrom
19Balls to the WallJana Boss
20Notorious DIGBichlien Pham
Round 2Division 3
21Old Lady BroncosFerrell Richardson
22Spiked PunchKatie Attaway
23The NomadsJillian Williams
24The NewcomersShannon Witcher

Playing Schedule:

Date7 pm - Crt 17 pm - Crt 28 pm - Crt 18 pm - Crt 29 pm - Crt 19 pm - Crt 2
Sept. 172 vs 47 vs 95 vs 67 vs 111 vs 38 vs 10
Sept. 243 vs 68 vs 111 vs 48 vs 92 vs 57 vs 10
Oct. 11 vs 68 vs 102 vs 37 vs 114 vs 59 vs 11
Oct. 81 vs 510 vs 113 vs 47 vs 102 vs 68 vs 9
Oct. 153 vs 59 vs 101 vs 29 vs 114 vs 67 vs 8
Nov. 517 vs 2018 vs 1921 vs 2413 vs 1522 vs 2314 vs 15
Nov. 1221 vs 2322 vs 2417 vs 1913 vs 1413 vs 1518 vs 20
Nov. 1919 vs 2013 vs 1417 vs 1814 vs 1521 vs 2223 vs 24