Women’s League

Last updated: April 18, 2016 at 10:47 am

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League Standings (A):

Women's ATeam NameWonLost%
Division A
1Team Bates1350.722
2Bump & Grind1260.667
4Power Hour1080.556
5Dirty Mike & The Boys7110.389
6The Wash Ups8100.444
7Wing It2160.111
Division BB
1Team Nibert1530.833
2You Can't Set With Us1350.722
3Mixed Up1080.556
4Balls to the Wall960.600
5We Showed Up8100.444
7Club KaMo1170.056

Ties: Pool 3, Dirty Mike beat Team Nibert 2-1.

Match Results

Feb. 10Set 1Set 2Set 3
Team BatesvsWe Showed Up28-2625-2225-22
Team NibertvsNomads25-1025-1925-23
Bump & GrindvsClub KaMo25-825-1025-3
Bump & GrindvsMixed Up23-2525-1625-16
The Wash UpsvsBalls to the Wall25-1425-1519-25
Power HourvsDirty Mike18-2525-2225-12
Wing ItvsYou Can't Set25-1616-2525-17
Wing ItvsClub KaMo25-1225-1025-14
Feb. 17Set 1Set 2Set 3
Bump and GrindvsYou can't set with us25-2118-2525-20
Bump and GrindvsWing It25-2226-2419-25
Team BatesvsBalls to the wall25-1925-1327-25
Power Hourvs Nomads25-2025-1725-20
Mixed UpvsClub KaMo25-725-1225-16
Mixed UpvsYou Can't Set with Us20-2522-2525-22
The Wash UpsvsWe Showed Up25-1125-925-19
Team Nibertvs Dirty Mike23-2525-1924-26
Feb. 24Set 1Set 2Set 3
Team NibertvsPower Hour25-2318-2516-25
Team BatesvsThe Wash Ups25-1317-2525-23
Wing It vsMixed Up20-2529-2725-11
Dirty MikevsNomads25-722-2525-16
Balls to the WallvsWe Showed Up25-2025-2219-25
You Can't Set with UsvsClub KaMo2-925-825-19
Mar. 2Set 1Set 2Set 3
Bump and GrindvsDirty Mike21-2525-2125-15
The Wash UpsvsEMAWesome22-2524-2624-26
Team BatesvsPower Hour25-025-025-0
You Can't Set vsNomads25-726-2825-22
We Showed UpvsClub KaMo25-1725-1725-19
Balls to the WallvsTeam Nibert22-2521-2520-25
Mar. 9Set 1Set 2Set 3
Power HourvsThe Wash Ups13-2522-2525-23
Bump & GrindvsWing It25-2725-2025-12
Team BatesvsDirty Mike25-2325-1925-14
Team NibertvsWe Showed Up25-1525-1725-20
You Can't Set with UsvsMixed Up25-1725-2025-19
Balls to the WallvsNomads25-1327-2526-24
Mar. 16Set 1Set 2Set 3
Team BatesvsEMAWesome21-2519-2525-19
Dirty Mike vsWing It25-2125-2225-17
Bump and Grind vsPower Hour25-1922-2520-25
Balls to the WallvsClub KaMo25-1225-1625-5
NomadsvsMixed Up21-2522-2525-23
You can't set with usvsTeam Nibert25-2217-2526-24
Mar. 23Set 1Set 2Set 3
Power HourvsWing It19-2525-2326-24
Team BatesvsThe Wash Ups25-2217-2525-15
Bump & GrindvsEMAWesome25-1025-2225-21
Team Nibert vsMixed Up25-2225-2218-25
Balls to the WallvsWe Showed Up25-620-2525-19
You can't Set with UsvsClub KaMo25-1125-2225-10
Mar. 30Set 1Set 2Set 3
Bump & GrindvsThe Washups21-2525-1825-19
Power HourvsDirty Mike25-1726-2425-19
Wing ItvsEMAWesome24-2624-2626-28
You Can't Set With UsvsWe Showed Up21-2525-1325-16
Team NibertvsNomads25-1825-1625-22
Mixed UpvsClub KaMo25-825-2325-16
April 6Set 1Set 2Set 3
Team BatesvsWing It25-1525-1325-19
Dirty MikevsThe Wash Ups25-1220-2525-16
Power HourvsEMAWesome25-2125-1820-25
Balls to the WallvsMixed Up25-2219-2515-25
NomadsvsWe Showed Up24-2625-1723-25
Team NibertvsClub KaMo25-1625-2025-20
April 13Set 1Set 2Set 3
Dirty MikevsEMAWesome25-2119-2521-25
Bump and GrindvsTeam Bates25-1725-238-25
The Wash UpsvsWing It25-1525-2325-21
NomadsvsClub KaMo18-2525-1525-8
You Can't Set With usvsBalls to the Wall25-2321-2517-25
We Showed UpvsMixed Up23-2525-1619-25

Women’s Spring League Schedule VERSION 2

League Format for the Spring League:
14 Teams, First 3 weeks, 3 pools of 4 or 5 teams play single round robin. Then teams will be split in a 7-team A division (top 2 from each pool) and a 7-team BB division (rest of the teams).
Next 7 week single round robin play in the divisions.

Winners of each division will receive their entry fee back.

Team #Team NameCaptain
Round 2A Division
15Bump & GrindKyla Roehrig
16Team BatesJulia Bates
17Power HourErin Joerger
18Dirty MikeKatherine Gungor
19The Wash UpsMorgan Voorhes
20Wing ItStephanie Keaton
21EMAWesomeLauren Ramatowski
BB Division
22You Can't Set with UsAllegra Klossen
23Balls to the WallJana Boss
24Team NibertJessica Heidenthal
25NomadsJillian Williams
26We Showed UpNichole Ahlstrom
27Mixed UpNickey Crail
28Club KaMoNichole Ahlstrom

Playing Schedule:

DATE6:30 PM-Crt 16:30 PM-Crt 27:30 PM-Crt 17:30 PM-Crt 28:30 PM-Crt 18:30 PM-Crt 2Bye
Mar. 215 vs 1822 vs 2519 vs 2126 vs 2816 vs 1723 vs 2420, 27
Mar. 917 vs 1924 vs 2615 vs 2022 vs 2716 vs 1823 vs 2521, 28
Mar. 1616 vs 2123 vs 2818 vs 2025 vs 2715 vs 1722 vs 2419, 26
Mar. 2317 vs 2024 vs 2716 vs 1923 vs 2615 vs 2122 vs 2818, 25
Mar. 3015 vs 1922 vs 2617 vs 1824 vs 2520 vs 2127 vs 2816, 23
Apr. 616 vs 2023 vs 2718 vs 1925 vs 2617 vs 2124 vs 2815, 22
Apr. 1318 vs 2125 vs 2815 vs 1622 vs 2319 vs 2026 vs 2717, 24