Men’s League

Last updated: August 31, 2015 at 11:51 am

The Fall Leagues will be starting back up on Wednesday, September 16. To register, click here to download the registration form.

League Standings:

A/BB DivisionTeam NameWonLost%
1Last Call1860.75
3We Showed Up1680.667
4Way Out/Bryce's Bunch1680.667
5Usual Suspects1590.625
8The Power Tippers4200.167
9Club KaMo1230.042

League Results:

Jan. 28Set 1Set 2Set 3
We Showed UpvsClub KaMo25-1525-1825-15
Avalancevs Wright25-2217-2526-28
Way OutvsLast Call22-2525-2725-15
The Power Tippersvs Usual Suspects25-1822-2520-25
Feb. 11Set 1Set 2Set 3
We Showed UpvsBryce's Bunch25-2023-2523-25
OutsidersvsThe Power Tippers25-1525-1125-19
Usual SuspectsvsClub KaMo25-2025-1525-17
Last CallvsWright25-2220-2525-23
Feb. 18Set 1Set 2Set 3
AvalancevsThe Power Tippers25-1625-1725-16
WrightvsClub KaMo5-1525-2023-25
OutsidersvsLast Call23-2516-2525-23
We Showed Upvs Usual Suspects25-2322-2525-17
Feb. 25Set 1Set 2Set 3
Bryce's BunchvsUsual Suspects15-2519-2525-22
AvalancevsLast Call12-2514-2511-25
We Showed UpvsWright25-2025-1423-25
Outsiders vsClub KaMo25-1825-2225-15
March 4Set 1Set 2Set 3
We Showed UpvsLast Call25-2325-2120-25
AvalancevsUsual Suspects20-2511-2525-20
Bryce's Bunchvs The Power Tippers25-1525-1925-19
March 11Set 1Set 2Set 3
Bryce's BunchvsClub KaMo25-1825-2025-6
The Power TippersvsWright23-2522-2523-25
Usual Suspects vs Last Call25-2321-2525-23
March 18Set 1Set 2Set 3
The Power TippersvsLast Call10-2515-2514-25
Bryce's BunchvsWright25-1525-2222-25
AvalanchevsClub KaMo25-2325-1025-15
OutsidersvsWe Showed Up24-2625-2127-25
March 25Set 1Set 2Set 3
Last CallvsClub KaMo25-1525-1325-16
Outsidersvs Usual Suspects25-2215-2525-13
We Showed Upvs The Power Tippers25-1525-1625-21
AvalanchevsBryce's Bunch 25-2225-2015-25
April 1Set 1Set 2Set 3
Usual SuspectsvsWright25-2225-1616-25
The Power TippersvsClub KaMo25-1225-925-19
Outsiders vsBryce's Bunch17-2517-2517-25
We Showed UpvsAvalance25-1522-2525-23

Men’s A/BB League Schedule:League Format for the Spring League:

Total of 9 teams. Single round robin play. Winner gets their entry fee back.

Team #Team NameCaptain
1OutsidersBrett Wobker
2We Showed UpDustin Fry
3AvalancheBrian Ruf
4Way OutBryce Workman
5The Power TippersAustin Budke
6Usual SuspectsRichard Pompa
7Last CallMike Wessel
8WrightTerry Wright
9Club KaMoNichole Ahlstrom

Playing Schedule:

Date6 pm Crt 27 pm Crt 28 pm Crt 29 pm Crt 2Bye
Jan. 282 vs 93 vs 84 vs 75 vs 61
Feb. 4Cancelled
Feb. 112 vs 41 vs 56 vs 97 vs 83
Feb. 183 vs 58 vs 91 vs 72 vs 64
Feb. 254 vs 63 vs 72 vs 81 vs 95
Mar. 41 vs 82 vs 73 vs 64 vs 59
Mar. 111 vs 34 vs 95 vs 86 vs 72
Mar. 185 vs 74 vs 83 vs 91 vs 26
Mar. 257 vs 91 vs 62 vs 53 vs 48
April 16 vs 85 vs 91 vs 42 vs 37